What kind of delivery methods do you offer?

Explore our express shipping option, available for selection during checkout. The displayed prices are tailored to your specific item. Enjoy complimentary 2-5 working day shipping on orders exceeding £25! For quicker delivery, opt for express shipping at checkout, ensuring your product arrives in just 1-2 working days. Keep in mind that there's a 24-hour production time for each order of new plates although we aim to get these made as and when orders are placed, plates can be ready for delivery within minutes. 

Can I collect my order?

Yes you can collect your order if you are local to us in Nottingham. Please selected free shipping at the checkout and leave a note in the comments box that you would like to collect and contact us as soon as you place your order with your order number to arrange to do this. 

Do the names on the ID / Entitlement documents need to match?

Legal provisions allow the acquisition of number plates as a gift, meaning the names on both documents do not have to match. Feel free to use your own ID along with the entitlement certificate of a family member or friend when making a purchase of number plates from us.

Yes our 3D & 4D plates are 100% road legal and MOT compliant, here is a link to the DVLA Government website that states “Characters on a number plate can be 3D.” - Government Number Plate Rules. (4D Number Plates is simply a term used in the industry; however, these plates are still fundamentally 3D in dimension.

Shortened 16 and 13 inch number plates are also fully road legal, as well.

When will my number plate order be dispatched?

After you have ordered and submitted the correct documentation for the number plate, your order will be made and sent out within 24 hours unless otherwise stated.  The only normal delay you could encounter would be if you have provided the wrong documentation where at this point we will be in contact with you usually via email to ensure no delays occur.

Can I add customer text on to my number plate?

No, for road legal please they will have our company name and post code along the bottle followed by the BSAU marking in the bottom right hand corner. 

What size are standard UK number plates?

The size of Standard UK number plates are 520mm length by 111mm height. This is the typical size for any car in the UK when it leaves the factory. 

Do your number plates come with warranty?

Every plate we sell comes with a 12-month warranty. This warranty safeguards against any malfunctions. including the reflective coming away from the acrylic create a bubble like texture on the plate with in the first 12 months. Also covers warranty in the likely hood a letter is to fall off (Proof of this will be asked for). If you experience any issues please contact us to resolve the matter. 

What ID documentation do I need to provide?

Please visit our Valid Documents page to see what documentation is required before placing your order.

What entitlement document do I need to provide?

Please visit our Valid Documents page to see what documentation is required before placing your order.

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